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Kenya to host International Acts



After succesfully hosting R & B singer Akon on the evening of Saturday 27th and afternoon of 28th of October, Kenya is set to host a string of international artists this coming December and begining of next year. The artists set to grace our land include Keri Hilson, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, MIMI, Popcan, Davido and Baby Face. Akon's performance was thrilling and fans were happy to have had the opportunity of meeting their star who had previously cancelled his tours to Kenya.

Chris Brown, the sensational R n B star and dancer, is set to perform in Kenya on 14th Dec 2012 as part of his Africa Tour. Chris Brown is set to tour South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. His much publicized Uganda concert has been set for December 21 while Kenya's is yet to be confirmed.

He is know for his great dance moves and hit singles such 'Don't wake me up', 'Deuces', 'Turn up the music', 'Yeah X3', and many more.

Spartan Group, the same group that was responsible for Akon’s tour is responsible for his visit and according to the manager, the performance in Kenya is set and all that is remaining is the public declaration which is yet to be done.

Let's keep our fingers crossed because we his fans would not want to be disappointed. After hostin Akon recently, it would be just right to end the year with a thrilling performance from this sensational singer who despite his abusive past with Rihanna, has risen back to stardom by producing hits after hits that just leave you dancing.