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By Nicholas Kioko

Mombasa ASK Show

The five days annual Mombasa International show is a major tourism booster in Kenya. The event which takes place in the last week of August attracts minor and major investors, fan seekers, researchers, learners, security personnel and marketers.

The importance of Mombasa show 2013 was stressed by the reality that it was officially opened by the strongest man in Kenya – President Uhuru Kenyatta. Unlike other major shows in Kenya, the entry to the arena is free. The arena is a cradle and epicenter of entertainment – comedians, musicians, traditional dancers, matching soldiers and footballers, all compete to crack the bones of show – goers with laughter.

Surrounding the arena, the air is full of information, blaring speakers request people to visit to different sheds don`t let visitor down. In them, visitors get free music and free information on how Kenya manufacture and consume goods. These goods range from the coconut tree products to agricultural products. Agriculturalists have gone a step further, they`ve set up sugar cane, tomato, maize, millet and sorghum demonstration farms.
Children have their field day too. At a fee, they can ride on horses and camels. Their faces can also be decorated by expert artist and they can take home many types of children`s toys. No doubt, children who attend the Mombasa show live with the phobia of missing the show, once they grow up.
How we wish that Mombasa show was a monthly event.    

*Notes on the writer.
The writer is a freelancer based in Mombasa – Kenya. He regularly writes for ‘The Zanier’. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.