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Welcome to The Zanier

The idea of having a magazine of The Zanier’s Caliber first flashed my mind in April 2006. However, it appeared wrapped in a white cloth, inscribed, ‘The Zephyr’. I interpreted it to mean that I was destined to launch a magazine which would blow through shelves and laptops of magazine lovers, leaving a wave of satisfaction in their hearts. Then, I was five months into a creative non-fiction and fiction course. I believed, and still believe that the gift of writing should be shared with the world.

The name ‘Zephyr’ was engulfed by ‘Zanier’ with time; but the motto remained.

The Zanier could not have come to you earlier because of financial and procrastination barriers. Good news –the dust has settled and The Zanier is ready to soothe your heart to the apex of literal joy.

I’ve prepared well to serve you-a bachelor of education at Nairobi University, a diploma in writing fiction and features from Long Ridge Writers Group (USA) .And at present, I’m pursuing a masters degree in Communication, Media and Public Relations at the Prestigious Leicester University.

I’ve also accumulated a lot of experience in writing drama scripts, poems, choreographing dances and heading journalism clubs in the last fifteen years, school at the Coast of Kenya.

The Zanier will visit all corners of the coast of Kenya and produce articles from personal experience point of view. Since The Zanier’s main rostrum is Mombasa, the epicenter of world tourism, you can bet on The Zanier for empirical articles on Coastal beaches and hotels.

The Zanier will have two sisters in future. A Kiswahili Magazine and a TV channel- both will be known as Zari.

Invest your trust in The Zanier and let’s walk together through the Labyrinth of entertainment.


Yours - in - pen