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Coastal attires

The Kanga/Leso

The kanga (or khanga) which comes from the old Bantu verb ku-kanga (to wrap or close), is a colourful garment similar to kitenge, worn by women and occasionally by men throughout Eastern Africa. It is a piece of printed cotton fabric, about 1.5m by 1m, often with a border along all four sides (called pindo in Swahili), and a central part (mji) which differs in design from the borders. Kangas are usually very colorful and have a proverb/message in Swahili printed at the bottom.

The sayings or words are meant to teach or pass a message across to the readers.

Lesos can be wrapped around the waist or be used to make attires such as dresses, shorts, trousers, jackets and many more. Muslim women also use them to cover their hair as it is their tradition. Lesos also come in handy when carrying children on our backs.


Kikoys are the latest Out of Africa and what fun they are! Pronounced ‘ki’ of kitchen and ‘koy’ as in coy, or shy, but don’t be shy about wearing them. Manufactured in the most beautiful of colours, of a vibrancy that is only found in Africa, and 100% cotton, a Kikoy is an extraordinary item of …what? Clothing, not really, but you do wear it. Yet, you can do an infinite amount of other things with a Kikoy. To begin in the ‘wearing’ aspect, originally a Kikoy was a traditional mans garment from the East coast of Africa, notably Kenya, the Kikoy has since evolved into a garment for all ages, sizes and sexes! A sarong or ‘wrap’ for men and women, to be worn at waist level, or low on the hips, or under your arms (like a towel), tied, turned and twisted to fit, depending upon your preference and shape! Babies wear them, glamorous grannies wear them, teenagers must have them, and ALL men in Kenya wear them! Considered the East African equivalent of a kilt, a Kikoy is somewhat traditional and of course worn without anything underneath!


This is a floor length black attire worn by muslim women. They are worn together with a Hijab that ranges in different colours.

  • Bui bui and Hijab
  • Estelle in Leso Dress
  • Kikoi Pants
  • Kikoi bag
  • Kikoi handbag
  • Kofia
  • Leso Dress
  • Leso Light Wear
  • Leso Top and Skirt
  • Lesso
  • Mitchell Obama in Leso Top
  • Rihanna in Leso skirt
  • Straw Kikapu with Kikoi finishing
  • Vikoi Dresses
  • Vikoi
  • kanzu
  • leso2