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Editor's Word


The Zanier is born; welcome, hold the infant and feel its angelic warmth.
The Zanier is a bi-monthly magazine which intends to evolve into a monthly magazine.

The Zanier is ready to radiate its glow to the world, from Mombasa –its hometown. Going by its name, The Zanier will amuse all readers in unusual ways. To achieve this goal, The Zanier stands on the pedestal of creative non-fiction and fiction. Seventy percent of the Zanier has been taken by articles, twenty percent by fiction and the remaining part has been dedicated to advertisements.

The Zanier is the only magazine from the Coast of Kenya and the only on-line bi-monthly magazine from Kenya. This has challenged The Zanier writers to come up with high standard features and fiction. The Zanier is a general interest magazine which serves readers of all age brackets. However, because of its background it leans towards tourism, but does not ignore any articles with human interest.

This maiden issue starts by giving fans of wildlife conservation a trip to Haller Park.

Readers will be thrilled by the stories on conserving arid areas and smile on reading the feature on how population of crocodiles is controlled at Haller Park.
‘Mabulu Guzzles amid Poverty’ is a must-read story for economists, anthropologists and admirers of African culture. The story shows the value which Africans attach to life beyond the grave.

Readers who are looking for guest places to shed the stress of urban life will have their search boosted by, -Ali Baba’s cave’ and ‘Forty Thieves who wont steal from you’.

Pages on general humor and humor in hostels will give a light touch to readers’ lives. ‘I’m A Kenyan’, will interest Kenyans and anyone who want to understand the psyche of Kenyans.

For many years, Kenya’s soccer has been in the intensive care unit. The Zanier has discovered a remedy; read the sports pages.
These articles, plus many more require readers to create a special folder for The Zanier.

In its next issue, The Zanier will broaden its horizon and include articles on insurance, readers’ opinion and requests. Feel free and tell us what you’d like us to do for you. Remember, we’re here for you.

Thank for being our guest.


Enjoy The Zanier.