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Fourty Thieves


In the shores of the Indian Ocean, thirty kilometer south of Mombasa, lie Diani beach. In Diani beach, stands an unusual resort – forty thieves beach bar and restaurant,

Don’t cling to your pouch once you visit this restaurant, but allow the restaurant to grab the boredom of life, which has accumulated in you. It succeeds in this meeting by offering variety of water and beach sports. It also has pool tables and darts. It has good disco music and hosts live bands on Sundays and holidays. Popular bands, which play here, include stardust, jazz and silver twins, both based in Mombasa. This restaurant is located a few meters from Ali Barbour’s cave. It opens daily from ten in the morning and extends its services deep into the night, when the last quest say goodbye!

In case you have tension which you want to lose, expose it to the forty thieves; it will be snatched without your consent.




                                    TEL: 040 3202033/ 040 3203003

                                    FAX: 040 3203419

                                    EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.