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Haller Park

Conservation at Haller Park


Modern Zoologists of Haller Park and ancient Greek heroes, share a common denominator- guts. The heroes faced mighty gods and dragons and triumphed. Likewise, Haller Park’s attendants face giant Nile crocodiles and emerge from the pods unscathed.


Hard to believe? Okay, imagine the Ministry of Wildlife has requested you to control the population of crocodiles in the nearest Zoo. Where would you start from? If you are like me, and chances are that we resemble, you would arm yourself with an AK-47, smile all the way to the pod, support an elbow with the wire mesh which surrounds the pod, aim, fire and watch hundreds of dead crocodiles bodies’ floating on water. But, alas! Who’d be behind, policemen with handcuffs. You would spend the rest of your life in a maximum security prison.


You can avoid the jail by asking for advice from any zoologist at Haller Park. They have simple, logical and courageous ways of controlling population explosion of crocodiles.

“Get two friends; let one carry a heap of sand and the other pieces of meat.” A smilling zoologist would part you at the back. ‘Locate the female crocodile which is guarding the hatchery and instruct the ‘meat-man’ to start throwing the pieces of meat away from the hatchery. All Crocodiles, apart from the female, whose is warming the eye will swim to the other side to have a bite. Tell the ‘sand-man’ to strike the eyes of the watchful crocodile with handfuls of sand. The mother-to-be will abandon the eggs (about eighty of them) and emerge its eyes in water to dissolve the dust. Meanwhile, scale over the perimeter fence, pack the eggs in a bag and leave the pod immediately.

“Where will I take the eggs?” You will ask, wiping drops of sweat on your face with the back of your hand.

“Handover that basket to me,” he’d say. “We will hatch them artificially. We are more interested with male crocodiles so we will hatch many eggs at 310 C and over. We need three females, so we’ll expose three eggs at a temperature of below thirty one degrees centigrade. We’ll give extra eggs to Mamba Village a hotel which is licensed to breed and market crocodile products. It’s in Nyali, three kilometers from here.”

To control the rapid increase of crocodiles, you don’t need condoms or vasectomy but brevity and skills.