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Old town Mombasa



A very small town, that is unknown to many in kenya, lies at the coast of Kenya. Old town is one of the ancient towns in the country, thus deriving its name OLD TOWN. The town is indeed small, but its immense beauty oozes out of it, attracting every tourist that visits kenya. Its beauty is intensified by the ancient arabic buildings, that were once built by the arabs,who were among the first visitors to he kenyan coast.





Old town is now a residential area for the locals who are the 'gunyas', a sub clan of the arab tribe. A fascinating feature of old town is that a few kilometers from it is the monumental building "Fort Jesus" which is a historical site. Therefore, if a tourist happens to be exploring old town, he will eventually end his adventure at Fort Jesus. The locals in old town have considered the town as being one of the heritage centres of the kenyan coast. They have put up stalls made of arabic architecture,the stalls contain man - crafted carvings.